Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Regional Managers:

Regional Council for Productive Activities, Commerce, Tourism
Energy Service Dept.
Eng. Attilio Raimondi
Phone: +39 051 527 6348
Email: ARaimondi@regione.emilia-romagna.it

Mr Stefano Valentini
Phone: +39 051 639 8099
Email: stefano.valentini@aster.it

Emilia-Romagna Region is very active in the development of policies for the energy sector. In response to poor effectiveness of national initiatives Emilia-Romagna Region developed in 2004 the regional energy law (26/2004) which rules the regional strategic plan for the energy sector, Regional Energy Plan (REP) approved at the end of 2007.

REP sets:

  • the scenario of the energy system in Emilia-Romagna;
  • the regional objectives in terms of sustainable development;
  • the priorities or regional authorities and municipalities in the energy sector;
  • the creation of a fund for the implementation of regional programmes in the energy sector.

REP interventions can be summarised as follows:

  • energy savings for about 1.7 Million Tons of oil via interventions in the building sector, the manufacturing sector,
  • transports and agriculture;the valorisation of renewable sources to obtain a supplementary power equal to about 400 mw;
  • the diffusion of small power plants for electricity generation for the requirements of final users aimed at obtaining supplementary power.

REP lasts usually 10 years and can be updated according to energy system changes with relevant consequences on objectives and guidelines stated by the plan itself, this in order to comply them with national and European policies.

Within the framework of EnercitEE the Energy Policy Department (Servizio Politiche Energetiche) of Emilia-Romagna Region will fund initiatives to provide local governments and public bodies with tools to promote the implementation of concrete energy efficiency actions and moreover to acquire and exchange experiences for improving the regional energy policy.

All these experiences, implemented and assessed at Europan level, will provide feedbacks and suggestions that will concretely contribute to improve the actions and initiatives of Regional Energy Plan (REP).