November 2010

Working and Steering Group Meeting in Heraklion

From 25th to 27th October 2010 EnercitEE’s Working and Steering Group Meeting took place in Heraklion, Region of Crete.
The aim of the 3-day meeting was mainly to evaluate all sub-project applications received in the 1st Call for Proposals. All together the Mini-Programme Coordination Office received 7 eligible sub-project applications.   
During the first two days of the meeting the Working Group members discussed the proposals and drafted their recommendations. A ranking list was set up and conditions for the approval formulated. Whereas the Steering Group finally decided on approval or non-approval of the sub-project proposals in the morning of the meeting’s third day, the Working Group already started preparing the 2nd Call for Proposals.
The results of the evaluation will be soon available.

Picture: Working Group Meeting Heraklion

Picture: Steering Group Meeting Heraklion

Picture: Working and Steering Group Meeting Heraklion