The mini-programme EnercitEE

What is EnerciEE?

EnercitEE is a mini-programme carried out under the EU-programme INTERREG IVC. EnercitEE will contribute to the improvement of local and regional policies and provide assistance in the transfer of knowledge on energy efficiency and sustainable transport.

What does EnercitEE stand for?

EnercitEE stands for: European networks, experience and recommendations helping cities and citizens to become Energy Efficient.

Who are the Regional Partners of EnercitEE?

The EnercitEE project is a cooperation of 7 partners of 6 European regions:
Saxony (Germany), Smaland (Kalmar and Kronoberg)/ Blekinge (Sweden), Emilia-Romagna (Italy), Haute-Savoie (France), Crete (Greece), Lower Silesia (Poland) and these are the eligible parties. Saxony, represented by the Saxon State Ministry for the Environment and Agriculture will act as the Lead Partner in this partnership.

What will EnercitEE include?

The exchange of experience will be the essential part of this mini-programme: the partners will compile policy instruments, good practices, case studies and organise training sessions and component seminars. Practical guidelines and policy recommendations produced within EnercitEE will provide valuable assistance for other European regions aiming to improve their energy performance and policies. In this way EnercitEE is supporting the European Union goals towards a low-carbon and energy-efficient Europe.

When was EnercitEE approved?

The project EnercitEE is carried out as a mini-programme under INTERREG IVC. The project was approved by the Monitoring Committee on 5 November 2009. The project’s lifetime is 48 months. It started 1 January 2010 and will finish 31 December 2013.

What are the characteristics of an INTERREG IVC mini-programme?

A mini-programme is characterised as follows:

  • in principle proposed by regional authorities
  • a limited number of partners
  • the setting up of a joint framework with a high level of interregional cooperation
  • a limited number of sub-projects, which will be selected upon open calls for proposals

What is special of INTERREG IVC projects compared to other European funded projects?

INTERREG IVC programmes like EnercitEE, are fundamentally different from cross-border and transnational cooperation programmes.
In particular, they are not primarily dedicated to ‘implementation’ or to ‘experimentation’. Core activities of the EnercitEE project are always related to the exchange of experiences.