Structure of EnercitEE

How is EnercitEE structured?

The mini-programme EnercitEE is organised within four components.

Component 1   Management and Coordination
Component 2   Communication and Dissemination
Component 3   Exchange of experience
Component 4   Energy efficient citizens and local authorities

The full administrative and financial responsibility for the entire project lies with the Lead Partner, the State Ministry for the Environment and Agriculture of Saxony. The implementation and supervising of each component is led by a Component Manger.

What is the scope of each component and who is responsible for it?

Component 1 is dealing with all administrative, legal and financial activities of EnercitEE. To ensure proper implementation of these tasks the Lead Partner set up the Mini-Programme Coordination Office (MPCO) within its subordinated unit, the Saxon State Office for Environment, Agriculture and Geology (LfULG).

Component 2 is aiming at disseminating the project's activities and achievements outside the project. Eventually other interested local and regional authorities should benefit from the knowledge gathered and the compiled good practices. It is also led by the Mini-Programme Coordination Office in Saxony.

Component 3 is dedicated to the exchange of experience among the involved partner regions through study visits, training sessions and component seminars. It is carried out by the Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden.

Component 4 is dealing with the implementation of sub-projects and is carried out jointly by Haute-Savoie local authorities being responsible for SP 1 - SP 6 and ASTER from Emilia-Romagna being responsible for SP 7 - SP 12.