EnercitEE sub-projects

What are the sub-projects about?

Exchange of experience at policy level is a fundamental requirement in all sub-projects and should be part of each sub-project’s approach. Sub-projects should be jointly and interregionally developed and should contribute to climate protection and energy efficiency policies of the involved regions and the EU. Light pilot implementation is possible if a clear link to the improvement of policies and exchange of experience can be provided. Local and regional actors can be official Sub-Project Participants but must have a legal status as a public body or as a body governed by public law.

What are the 12 thematic priorities for EnercitEE sub-projects?

Sub-projects under EnercitEE can focus either on citizens or on local authorities as a target group. Sub-project applications have to address one of the twelve thematic priorities identified:

Energy efficient citizens:
SP 1   Strategies of EE knowledge transfer
         (local energy advice and networks)
SP 2   Awareness raising policies (EE competitions and games)
SP 3   Network strategies for EE citizens within local markets
         (EE stakeholders within local markets)
SP 4   Promotion & exchange of citizens’ best practice examples
         on EE
SP 5   Exchange of incentives and grant programmes for citizens
SP 6   Strategies and plans for EE mobility & transport

Energy efficient local authorities:
SP 7   EE training instruments for public authorities’ staff &
         knowledge exchange
SP 8   Financing instruments as policies for local authorities
SP 9   Strategies to improve energy consumption in public
SP 10 Regional climate policies for mitigation & adaptation -
         exchange between local authorities’ staff
SP 11 Improving local energy policies - "job shadowing" in local
SP 12 New instruments for local energy planning and

What is the minimum number of partners in a sub-project?

Sub-project proposals have to be submitted by partners from at least three partner regions of EnercitEE.

Where must Sub-Project Participants be located?

Sub-Project Participants must be located in the geographical area represented by the Regional Partners.

What is the average budget for sub-projects in the 1st Call for Proposals?

The recommended sub-project size as indicated in the Terms of Reference ranges from 120.000 to 350.000 EUR. For each Sub-Project Participant this means that the budget should range from 30.000 to 100.000 EUR depending on their role within the sub-project but can be higher or lower in duly justified cases.