Eligible Sub-Project Participants

Who are eligible Sub-Project-Participants under EnercitEE?

Local and regional actors can be official Sub-Project Participants but must have a legal status as a public body or as a body governed by public law.

What is meant by "body governed by public law"?

Body governed by public law means any organisation:

1) established for the specific purpose of meeting needs in the
    general interest, not having an industrial or commercial
2) having legal personality; and
3) - financed, for the most part, by the State, regional or local
      authorities, or other bodies governed by public law;
    - or subject to management supervision by those bodies;
    - or having an administrative, managerial or supervisory board,
      more than half of whose members are appointed by the
      State, regional or local authorities, or by other bodies
      governed by public law.

As indicated in the Programme Manual, each Member State is responsible for confirming the legal status of partners located on its territory. Therefore, in case of doubt about the status, interested bodies should contact its Member State representative. The contact list is available on the Contacts page.

Can private bodies participate in EnercitEE's sub-projects?

EnercitEE is a project dedicated to public authorities (in particular regional and local authorities) and to bodies governed by public law. Due to the strategic approach of the INTERREG IVC programmes, regional and local public authorities as well as the citizens represent the main target groups of the project.
However, and subject to public procurement rules, the private sector can be subcontracted by partners to provide services or to assist in the implementation of certain activities.