Interregional symposia

1st symposium: Energy Efficient heat/power generation & distribution

Summary of the 1st Component seminar
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Annex 1: Summary of regional baseline situations
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Annex 2: Introduction into the EnercitEE interregional symposium
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Annex 3: Presentation of the approach of the city of Växjö
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Annex 4: Presentation of VEAB
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Policy Advice Seminar Wroclaw

Overall summary
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2nd symposium: Communication and motivation to increase Energy Efficiency

Summary of the 2nd Component Seminar
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Annex 1: Summary of regional baseline situations (one poster per region)
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Annex 2: Introduction in Mountain Riders activities
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Annex 3: Achieving behavioural change for energy efficiency programs
Presentation held by Christophe Lastennet from ADEME
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Annex 4: ActEE - Now is the time to Act for Energy Efficiency
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Annex 4: EEMTE - "Aims and methods of implementation of the project in conjunction with the results of Eurobaromater research 75.2"
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Annex 4: SCC - "The idea and some experiences form the Sustainable Climate Challenge in getting behavioural change"
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Annex 4: SUSTRAMM - "Bicycle to work and test the public transport! 2 ways to promote sustainable mobility and achieve behavioural change"
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Annex 4: LEEAN - "Sensitisation of Europe - citizens to sustainable and energy efficient behaviour"
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Annex 4: CLIPART - "Struggling for a Plan - The quest for climate planning in Italy"
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3rd symposium: Energy efficient buildings and innovations

Presentation ActEE
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Presentation E-FoxES
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Presentation SCC
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Presentation LEEAN
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